almon and Black Olives skewers. Skewer with braided cheese with delicious salmon and black olives.

The preparation of this skewer was a difficult task. Finding that combination of products that would provide the best flavor of smoked salmon requires work and dedication, but finally, it came up. A smooth combination of smoked salmon, accompanied by tender cow cheese and black olives, all flavored with dill



Salmon and Black Olives skewers


Salmon and Black Olives Skewers

Do you want to buy our salmon and black olives skewers or other delicious olives and pickles ?. If you are interested in our products, we are at your entire disposal . Whether you are a food company, a catering business or an individual, we can provide you with all the products you want. Choose the container size and request uncompromised information about our prices and purchase and delivery options. PLACE ORDER
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