Aceitunas Lorente is a small family business located in the province of Alicante. It was founded in 1970 by Don Antonio Lorente Martinez, who with great dedication, sacrifice and effort made this project possible.

It started in the area of Alicante Norte, where thanks to the wide range of olives and pickles and its high quality it expanded towards the coast of the province.

Today, far away are the beginnings of a company that started with typical and traditional flavors, where in 2002 with his son Don Antonio Lorente García he started with different flavors, daring but soft at the same time. Highlighting their Gourmet products.

Don Antonio worked very hard, especially in the creation and innovation of Gourmet products, because the mentality and the international market are very different from ours and so they required it.

What we are most proud of is the professionalism of our workers , our family character, our teamwork, and the success of our products, based exclusively on the secrets of old recipes, known for being handcrafted by hands full of experience and tradition.

The selection of the best raw material and top quality ingredients,  together with the many healthy properties, make it a highly recommended food for its consumption.

The change of generation, introduced a “change of palates” that are not so common at the national level, opening a wide range to the international market.

Thanks to the creativity of the staff, the high range of its products and the audacity of its buyers, Aceitunas Lorente distributes to small businesses although its biggest point of sale to the public is in weekly markets: Torrevieja, Alicante, Guardamar del Segura and Playa Flamenca (Orihuela Costa).

Each client is always the most important for us. You are the "raison d'être" for our company, that is why we offer a wide range of high-quality products for all tastes. Our main mission is to try to successfully satisfy the wishes of each one of our clients.

Olives have been part of Spanish gastronomy for centuries and have an important presence in the "Mediterranean" diet due to their excellent properties and flavor.

At Aceitunas Lorente, we are proud to be part of this gastronomic culture of our land, internationally famous for its healthy and balanced habits.

Meet Our great Team


En Aceitunas Lorente, more than a team we are a whole family. In the company, we pride ourselves in having an excellent human group of professionals from different nationalities committed to quality and a job well done in all the entire process: from product development to its commercialization in the different points of sale.

trabajador aceitunas lorente alfonso perez

Marco Pérez

Warehouse Manager

antonio lorente propietario aceitunas lorente

Antonio Lorente

Owner/ manager

helena equipo aceitunas lorente alicante torrevieja

Helena Ivanov

Russian Market Sales

blago equipo aceitunas lorente alicante torrevieja

Blago Bashev

Sales and customer service

marien equipo aceitunas lorente alicante torrevieja

Mariel González

Logistics Manager